Eye of Horus Artistry Lip Liner

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The Artistry Lip Liners were designed to compliment the Bio Lipsticks for a complete full look with incredible staying power. Create the perfect outline with our creamy, richly pigmented calligraphy liner, in an easy mechanical pencil.

  • Arabian Sand is an essential and versatile Nude, outline for a perfect natural looking lip. Pair with Artemis Nude Bio Lipstick.
  • Egyptian Rose is the perfect Rose shade, outline for a beautiful soft looking lip. Pair with Aurora Peach or Venus Pink Bio Lipsticks.
  • Soft Pink colour to outline for a universal perfected pink lip.
  • Royal Orchid is the perfect deep mauve shade, outline lips for a seductive and dramatic effect. Pair with Cleo Plum Goddess Lipstick.
  • Pure Scarlet is the ultimate rich classic red,  outline or fill in for a sensual confident lip. Pair with our Vesta Red Bio Lipstick.
  • Persian Chilli is a deep red shade, outline or fill in for a stunningly bold lip. Pair with Vesta Red Bio Lipstick.