Eye of Horus Goddess Eye Liners

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Goddess Eye Liner pencils are uniquely formulated with beautiful waxes of Beeswax, Carnauba and Candelilla wax, with the added benefit of Organic Moringa Oil for a creamy rich formula that’s easy to apply, waterproof, and smudge proof and long lasting, paraben free. 

Smudger tip allows to blend for a softer look. Allow 40 seconds before the waxes will set and dry. Safe to apply on your eyes water line and tight line.

The creamy texture is ideal to draw, smudge, smoke, and define the eye blending, or combining with our Goddess Eye shadows. The Goddess Pencils have lasting power that stays all day.

A professional cosmetic sharpener is required to sharpen the pencil without splitting.

The Eye of Horus sharpener is perfect to sharpen any Goddess Pencil, as it has been engineered in Germany, using only the highest quality of cosmetic blades. This protects the soft waxes while sharpening.


  • Jet black, highly pigmented Smokey Black Goddess Eye Pencil is the ultimate in a black khol for day or for an easy blendable night time smokey look.
  • Matte deepest velvet brown pigments transforms the every day Goddess into an alluring Nubian Temptress with wild smouldering beauty.
  • Bronze Amulet accentuates your eyes with a subtle metallic Bronze tone.  Great for every day wear for a Sun Goddess effect. 
  • Charcoal Obsidian created with micro-pigments of steel blue for a sophisticated look. A perfect alternative to our Smokey Black. 
  • Deep Emerald shade in a matte finish.
  • Deep Purple Amethyst shade with metallic micro-glitter pigments, instantly captivates like a jewelled goddess.
  • A fusion of dark olive pigments and ancient gold and green micro shimmer with a satin sheen finish. Serpentine’s incandescent formula magically enhances your eyes for a soft sultry alluring temptress look.
  • Piercing and alluring Scarab Sapphire ignites with a spark of gemstone Indigo Blue.
  • Inspired by sacred lunar Stone, Lapis Lazuli shade delivers a flash of vibrant electric blue.
  • Adorn and enhance your eyes with this hypnotic shimmering jewel like metallic formula of ancient Teal.
  • Creamy matte Nude shade, this ultra smooth eye pencil applied to waterline and inner eye instantly awakens, brightens and enlarges the look of your eye. Can be used on the waterline, contour, and conceal.
  • Create the illusion of enhanced larger eyes with Selenite White Goddess Eye Pencil. This ultra smooth Pencil will instantly awaken eyes, brightening and enlarging their look. Safe to use on the waterline, as a contour and primer or to add that pop of glow in corner of the eyes.