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Teknia Scalp Care is a line of products designed to treat the root problem in order to protect, soothe,  nourish, and rebalance the scalp. Formulated with BIOME OLÉOACTIF®, the first post-prebiotic complex on the market, that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria against pathogenic bacteria.

The Pure product line has been designed to cleanse, purify and regulate excess oil. Teknia Scalp Care Pure Shampoo regulates the sebum cycle at the roots, reducing scalp oiliness by 66%, whilst refreshing and soothing the scalp. A vegan formula with 91% naturally derived ingredients.


  • Cleansing and purifying shampoo for oily scalps. Regulate the sebum cycle at the roots, refresh and soothe
  • BIOME Oléoactif® for a balanced and strengthened microbiota
  • 100% natural microalgae extract reduces overproduction of oil
  • Zincdione reduces sebum secretion by regulating the sebaceous gland
  • Long-lasting cleansing sensation so hair can be washed less often
  • Fresh mint fragrance with balsamic notes and tangerine essential oil
  • Vegan! Paraben free/silicon free/ ammonia free/ cruelty free/gluten free/PPD free